Shoppers Drug Mart PC Optimum

Shoppers Drug Mart has brought forward the PC optimum program which creates tailor-made exclusive events and offers. It is very convenient for the customers because it will give you discounts and offers on the items that you buy the most. The more you show it towards the Shoppers Drug Mart the more chances are there for you to get rewarded. Today we will dive deep into some of the best things that you need to know about the new PC optimum reward program so that you can understand the essence brought forwarded by it.

Will you need a new card?

Yes, you will need a new card but the members will also be able to use the PC optimum application. Starting from February 1 you will be able to download the link for free and also connect the PC plus as well as Shoppers optimum card to the same. The members who are using the PC Plus application will be able to update it. If you are a financial MasterCard holder then you will also be able to connect the card to the PC optimum amount.
If you want to create a separate online PC optimum account will be able to do so without any problems. With the help of it, you will be able to get the best of personalized and exclusive offers.

How can I collect the points?

All the members will be able to connect the PC optimum points when they are making purchases at stores like Loblaw grocery as well as Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores. The consumers will also be able to get together their points whenever they are making online purchases and ordering groceries with the help of the platforms like Joe Fresh and Click & Collect.

When can the points be redeemed?

All the members will be able to redeem the points with the use of a single card at the PC optimum application. The Redemption has to be done at the participating stores and the impressive factors that they will be able to redeem after they have reached 10,000 points.
It is absolutely Unlike the PC + program which had a mandatory 20,000. Benchmark and therefore you will not have to wait for long. There is an option in which you will be able to grab the rewards from pool points that are gathered by your family or friends in the application.

What is the worth of the points?

For each and every thousand PC optimum points the members will be able to earn $10 but the awards are absolutely variable. For the Shoppers Drug Mart members, they will be able to earn 15 points for each and every dollar that is spent. At the grocery stores, the members will be able to earn points on offers and a weekly basis. If you are a PC financial master cardholder then you will be able to earn a lot of points on each and every purchase because there are up to 30 PC optimum points for every dollar spent.

Will the old points be cumulatively carried over?

Every point that is accumulated with the Shoppers optimum PC program is absolutely eligible to be carried over. The conversion procedure for the optimum points is a little bit complicated and the points will be converted to the highest earned value. But the value is variable and the rates depend on the dollar values.

The customers will be able to purchase anything that is in store with the help of their PC points but there will be some exclusions which will be mentioned like it cards and alcohol. the most impressive fact about the PC optimum points is that it is not subject to any kind of expiration. Check the shoppers drug mart weekly flyer